What is Tree Pollarding

Tree Pollarding is the method of pruning a tree smaller than they would naturally grow.

When we pollarding we remove the upper branches of a tree. This process helps to promote the growth of a dense head of foliage and branches. Pollarding also removes the lower limbs and any crossing limbs.

Pollarding might make the tree look ugly initially but soon will grow back with a thick crown. It is particularly important to ensure that young trees are pollarded.

We typically carry out pollarding when the tree is dormant, early spring or winter months. 

For best measures, pollarding a tree should be consistent and periodic. The cycle will depend on the purpose of pollarding. For landscaping, every two years is enough. If you intend to devote yourself to pollarding a tree for energy and sustainable resources, pollarding should take every five years.

Why do we Pollard Trees?

Tree pollarding is a tree pruning process. Pollarding is the process of trimming the tree's crown. A tree's crown can serve as a canopy when it crown is lush and thick. The tree's crown includes the tree's leaves, branches or stems.

Which Trees Require Pollarding?

Tree pollarding is possible depending on the type of tree you have, the space available and also the age of the tree. Younger tree's crowns regrow far quicker than an aged trees and are less prone to disease. Below is a list of tree's that are typically pollarded, however, our tree surgeons would need to complete a visit in order to confirm the tree's suitability for pollarding.

Commonly pollarded trees include:

- Gum (Eucalyptus)
- Oak (Quercus)
- Ash (Fraxinus)
- Common lime (Tilia × europaea)
- Elm (Ulmus)
- Tulip tree (Liriodendron)
- Elder (Sambucus)
- London plane (Platanus × hispanica)
- Mulberry (Morus)
- Some species of Acer (A. negundo and its cultivars)
- Elm (Ulmus)


When is the Best Time to Pollard a Tree?

Tree pollarding for many trees is during the early spring or late winter months with one exception, Acer species. These should only be pollarded during the late winter months as they are prone to bleeding sap during spring months. Tree pollarding during the summer months is also possible, however, the regrowth will undoubtedly be poor due to the summer heat, drought or shade cast by nearby trees. We highly recommend you avoid tree pollarding during the autumn months as fungi decay may enter the cuts made from pruning.

What are the Benefits of Pollarding Trees?

Tree pollarding first and foremost improves the health of the tree.

Wood from trees is also a great source of fuel.

As well all know, trees can reach very tall heights. The taller they become the more hazardous they potentially come to members of the public. In order to reduce the risk of falling branches (so of which would be huge!), rotten stems, leaves - even fruits we employ preventative measures.

Trees that have not been tended for trimming may hamper further growth of new branches and leaves. This is especially important should the tree be bearing fruit.

Trees are also pollarded in order to harvest wood products. As an example, pollarding trees at eight-year intervals provides sufficient materials to manufacture fencing and for building boats.  

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