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Tree Doctor tree surgeons have extensive experience with removing tree stumps. Our teams utilise the latest tools and equipment in order to safely and efficiently complete a stump removal process.

Our up to date equipment allows the grinding and removal of tree stumps with the minimum of ground disturbance. We tackle any size of stump, from just a few inches up to the largest stump imaginable. Where access is a problem, we have smaller machines. Our tree surgeons grind the tree stumps and buttress roots to around 300-mm below ground level which allows replanting or ground preparation for just about any purpose. Shallow grinding, 20-25cm (8-10in), is normally sufficient for laying turf.

What is the difference between Tree Stump Grinding and Tree Stump Removal?

Stump removal entails not only extracting the stump but also all of the roots attached to it. The roots of the tree may have spread out across a large area of your garden. This might lead to a large area of your garden being over turned during the extraction process. stump removal is typical when landscaping or clearing an area in readiness of a new building.

Stump grinding, on the other hand, is a much more manageable route for homeowners to take, because it doesn’t involve removing every tree root. Using a stump grinder our tree surgeons will grind the stump and essentially shave the remaining tree trunk until it’s gone. 

Good Reasons

for Removing That Tree Stump

  • Rotting stump becomes a hub for pests such as termites or carpenter ants.
  • A decaying stump isn’t so pretty. It can throw off the whole look of your garden and affect your property's saleability and value.
  • Not removing the tree stump can lead to complications with regards to mowing your lawn around the stump area. You could damage your mower if you accidentally roll over a stump.
  • Planting new trees isn't as effective due to the prior roots still being in the ground
Tree Doctor, the Stump Removers

We provide an exceptionally high standard of workmanship to both domestic and commercial customers. We operate across London, Surrey & Kent. We are local tree surgeons to Beckenham, Bromley, Crystal Palace, Croydon & all surrounding areas.

Tree Stump Removal

Should you Grind or Remove the Tree Stump?

Stump grinding and stump removal both come with their pros and cons.

Stump removal involves pulling up the tree stump and then digging out all the tree's supporting roots. In order to complete a stump removal we make use of machinery. Stump removal will leave a large hole that can be an eyesore until filled.

The stump grinding process is a different process that again utilises machinery. Our machinery grinds down the stump shedding it into small woodchip pieces. Stump grinding does not remove the tree's roots. After grinding, these roots will naturally decay, but it’s a lengthy process. It can take 10-plus years for the roots to fully break down. 

Tree Removal or Stump Grinding Questions?

Do I need to use a Stump Grinding Service?

Stumps begin a very slow decaying process. Over time a rotting stump becomes a hub for home damaging pests like termites or carpenter ants.

So, while you can opt to leave the stump and let it rot, the critters that come along in the process might spread out to other plants and trees in your garden or even invade your home.

Removing the stump, or grinding it down, is the best way to avoid such pest problems. 

Other Popular Questions

The average cost to grind a stump ranges from £100 to £400 per stump but obviously a closer inspection will allow more accuracy.

Yes, the roots cannot grow once the stump is removed because roots need nutrients to grow that can only be supplied by the tree’s leaves.

Without the leaves, the roots die. It’s the leaves that supply the necessary fuel obtained by photosynthesis.

Any stump left in the ground can reshoot after it’s been cut down. It’s important to realize that any new growth will provide fuel to the root system. You should have any new sprouts removed as soon as they begin to grow.

The shoots should be removed by cutting them and a small piece of the root to which they are attached, this can be done using garden tools or with the use of herbicides. 

The stump removal process is the more intrusive of the two.

Grinding is much more efficient than stump removal, however, it does leave the tree's roots behind.

If the stump is large, the chip pile produced can also be quite large, but the chips can be used as mulch for other plants in your landscape. 

Burning the stump will weaken it enough to remove it without the use of expensive equipment or an incredibly long wait.

Of course, this method involves a controlled fire, so it comes with a few risks of its own. 

Why Choose Tree Doctor
to Grind or Remove your Tree Stump?

Tree Doctor - Tree Surgeons of Beckenham, Kent are skilled Tree Surgeons covering a wide range of tree care work.

We have built an Outstanding Reputation as domestic and commercial tree care specialists with a fully qualified & passionate team that combines many years of experience.

We are the professional choice for arboriculture services and grounds maintenance across London Surrey & Kent.  

Our services cover all aspects of arboriculture and tree care including tree and stump removals, pruning and pollarding. We trade as forestry and woodland management specialists with the expertise to create attractive landscapes that preserve local ecosystems and contribute to a sustainable future.

We provide convenient site surveys and no-obligation quotations supported by the best independent advice in today's highly specialised marketplace.

We are the professional choice for arboriculture services and grounds maintenance across London, Surrey & Kent.

Our customer's experience is paramount. We make it our business to provide an attentive & professional service for all our domestic and commercial customers alike from the very first moment you speak with us. 


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The guys from Tree Dr are truly the specialists. Richard came out to do a couple of site inspections at no charge, gave me advice a few issues I had. The team did a magnificent job of trimming my 5 giant trees on the property. They also took everything away and tidied up. I would recommend them to anyone. Excellent service. Thanks Richard and team.

Michael Daverson

We have used Tree Dr twice now and wouldn't hesitate to use them again. Polite, professional, no fuss!

Pamela Isla

Many thanks for your team's excellent work. The work was completed with the minimum of disruption, the pruning is imperceptible and the garden was left immaculate. We were highly impressed and would recommend you.

Ramesh Patel

Stump grinding job. Very professional set-up. They cleared everything so well you wouldn't know where the tree stood! Would recommend and use again. Cheers 'tree' fellas.

Damien Logshott

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